Almost there! Digital distribution, here we come!!

 I'm uploading all content to CD Baby as we speak. They handle all the digital distribution; iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Spotiffy, etc. Over 2,500 sites.
I'm getting really excited! I can't believe this is actually finally happening!

My goal is to sell AT LEAST 5,000 albums. That would be incredible. We'd be able to pay ourselves back, make money to start the next project and pay for our fabulous musicians and supporting this record with some road time. More than 5,000 copies and we may actually beging to MAKE money! A dream come true would be to able to support ourselves financially making music! (Although I LOVE my job as a yoga teacher and will never give that up!)

When I'm 80 years old I still want to be singing and teaching yoga : )

Now, who wants to join our street team and help us get these babies SOLD?! We would be forever grateful and indebted to you! Think about it while you dream tonight.

NIghty night...