The final sweep!

Hello to my new blog! I'm very excited about switching over to this new website. Please be patient with me while I try to get it up and running! 
Well we're in the FINAL WEEK before we are done with this record. We started recording 13 months ago. It has been a long, but perfect process in every way. We go into mastering on Friday the 13th! I'm taking it as lucky instead of bad luck. It used be considered a very lucky number, I'm going with that..... In the meantime we're cramming to get all the final details in order, the album artwork, new bios and websites, song order, etc. We're even trying to also start our own independant label this week. AHHH!

I LOVE when things get super crazy and exciting like this though. I get such a high. We've waitied so long for this. Years in the making. Yet it really has been perfect timing. I love that.

More soon!

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