Never Give UP. 

The holidays have come and gone and I still feel the effects of the whirlwind they created. I almost forgot entirely that I was even a musician at all! With all the buying and wrapping and cooking and baking and cheers'ing! I'm looking forward to getting back into a regular routine again. Yet, last year was one of my best musical years yet. It felt so good to let go of my inner critic and be able to write 40 songs without getting in my own way. One of my favorites of the year was the song Never Give Up that I wrote for The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation. Here's a little more about it below.

A beautiful person inside and out, Victoria Withey Strong and her family have raised a child with a very rare disease and made the absolute best out of it and are changing many lives on their journey. They started the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation to fight SMA. Damon and I are so inspired by them. I wrote and recorded this song with their slogan "Never Give Up" so that I can do all that I can to show my support and halo to raise awareness and funds for research. 100% of the sales will be donated to The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation. Thank you my hubby, Damon Williams for producing the song, Matt Danko for donating his time and talent on drums, Gregory J Amani Smith for donating his time and skills on the bass and Orb Studios for being an amazing place to record!! Here's the iTunes link to the single Never Give Up. Here's Victoria's sweet post about it, she tells a bit of history of our high school friendship and added some funny old pics too!:

{ NEVER GIVE UP. Song } We are so excited. Musician Hannah Williams wrote and recorded this wonderful song -- and 100% of the purchase is being donated to the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation. She wrote it for us. For the SMA community. To inspire. To be part of the change. It's positive. It's honest. It's our journey and the journey of many families facing medical crisis. And is just that right added motivator we all need on tough days. Read more and get the song >>

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Hannah Williams Band - Bare Bones CD (FREE SHIPPING)
  • Hannah Williams Band - Bare Bones CD (FREE SHIPPING)

Hannah Williams Band - Bare Bones CD (FREE SHIPPING)

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On June 9th, 2012 Hannah Williams released her long awaited record “Bare Bones.”  It’s funky, soulful rock-n-roll laced with poppy hooks and a huge dose of heart.

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