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I have to tell you guys the funniest story....so you know I've been in this songwriter's group and our mission has been to write a new song with music and submit it by midnight on Sunday every week. We are giving a "song prompt" each Monday, a word or group of words that have to be used in the order they are given in the song. So last week, the song prompt was "return to winter." I had a really hard time with it. I thought, "what? But spring has just started! I am not feeling a 'return to winter' at ALL." I was super busy with family in town and a show with Meagan Tubb last Sunday and finally Sunday night I sat down to write the song and get it submitted or I'd be kicked out of the group....

So....after I submit it, I see a bunch of other "last minute folks" getting theirs sent in. And what do we wake up to Monday morning? WINTER!
It was freezing! It had been 80 on Sunday.....I'm convinced that all of us who were writing songs about "return to winter" summoned winter back!  Isn't that funny? Power of the spoken word I tell you!! 
By the way, would you like to hear ALL of the new songs I've written? Let me know and I'll get them sent over to you!

In the meantime, here are some shows I've got coming up....

This Saturday I will be performing  A LOT of new material with my fabulous hubby, Damon Williams on electric guitar while I pluck my acoustic. We are playing at Twisted X Brewery in Dripping Spring from 2-4:00. It's a family friendly place. We don't play very loud since it's a tasting room, and it will be quite a lovely time and chance to hear a bunch of new songs in their baby raw form!

Meagan Tubb and I have a couple more shows coming up there at Twisted X Brewery. We're just finalizing the dates. We swap songs and harmonize on each others stuff, it's really fun.

I'll be planning some Austin shows too, I promise! 

I'm also interested in doing house concerts, so if you would like me to perform at your place let me know! 

I am planning a fundraiser/ benefit show some time this summer for The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation. The funds go towards research for Spinal Muscular Atrophy, the #1 killer in infants. My friend from high school's, daughter has it and I'm feeling a strong urge to DO something to help. If you have any experience with fundraisers/ benefit shows and you'd like to share, please reach out, I'd love any tips I can get! If your band or someone you know would like to perform at the show, please let me know as well since I'm starting to put the feelers out there for the music we will have.

Video Blog
I've been having so much fun with my video blog. I try to record something every week but it doesn't always happen. I have 16 new songs this year and have only done about 6 or 7 live videos of them. But there are a couple new ones I'm excited about I'd love for you to hear! Check them out on my YouTube page. I still need to edit the video footage of our benefit for cancer two weeks ago! I promise to have that up soon. Please subscribe to my you tube channel so you can be notified every time a new video posts!

As always I really appreciate your help in sharing my music. As a DIY artist, we really rely on word of mouth, so thank you!!!

Oh! One more thing, stay tuned for an ONLINE concert! I am planning one very soon but wanted your feedback first....Would you rather see a concert with the full band or with me solo? Or Me and Damon of coarse! Let me know! : )

Enjoy your Easter and I hope to see you very soon!


Featured in a Music Blog! Shows, Kindergarteners.... 

Featured in a music blog!
I had the best Monday morning surprise! I woke up to the nicest article about my song 11 Years. The writer Toni Styles, also seems to really "get" that I like my music to have an upbeat, positive message. That makes me so happy! Read the article HERE. Some of the highlights for me are "Hannah’s music comes with a kick. It’s the sound you want to hear streaming from your radio, while stuck in traffic on your way to a destination you’d rather not be going. Her songs will give you that extra push." and "In closing, Hannah Williams who has been involved in the music industry for two decades, has sufficient talent to be the next you name it; from a list of impressive female Country, Blues, Pop artists. Albeit, Hannah Williams is really one of a kind.  Yes – Hannah is Hannah. Which is pretty awesome!" 
The whole article is really pretty fabulous! : )

I have had one show back since giving birth 11 months ago today! I have a bunch more coming up. It feels soooooo good to be getting out and playing music again. I am definitely a better mom when I stay true to who I am as a creative person!

Two more shows coming up at Twisted X Brewery in Dripping Springs. One THIS SUNDAY from 2-4, then next is 4/20. It's a great family friendly place with picnic tables and Mexican blankets, super cozy. I'll be doing a song swap with my good friend and fellow music Mama, Meagan Tubb

We are also playing a benefit for cancer together April 6th along with Lisa Marshall Band and Tanya Winch. It's called Dripping Divas - A Relay For Life Concert. 

Click Here for details on all upcoming shows.

Sharing the love with kiddos
I was so honored to be invited to share the joys of being a yoga teacher and musician with the kindergarteners at Rooster Springs Elementary School. I sang for them, did a yoga demo and talked about why it's important to have a positive attitude and do what you love. It was so rewarding to see their expressions! It was a great day. They all were singing my song "It's gonna be a good day, a good day...."
I should have pics to post of that event soon. They were so precious! I also played them all the song Emalina recorded in the studio. They loved that!! : )


I'm still writing a song a week! I haven't done a video blog each week because I was figuring it all out. Now I have a great camera to record with and I'm very excited to do it! I'm putting my songs up there in VERY raw form. No perfection here.....I want it to feel like you are hanging out with me in the studio and I'm playing you my new song. I'm reading lyrics most likely and probably fumbling a bit on the guitar. (yes, I still do that after 20...eHEM...years!) I have a few songs (my favorite ones actually!) to record and put up there. I will post one of them that we put together with the band in rehearsal last week. It's called Nothing's Gonna Stop Me. I usually post them on Sundays but really whenever I can make it happen! The one I did last night is called "The Devil's Rope." That was our song prompt for last week.....I had to find a silver lining for that one for sure. Last week's is List of Reasons. I'm hoping that one will be a duet with Damon! It's about making it though the hard times of a relationship.

I hope you'll check them out and be a part of this journey with me! I am compiling these songs for my next album, so let me know what your favorites are!

Thanks so much for reading! Your support means the world to me.

Video Blog #3 - List of Reasons 

Happy Monday! 
No need to write much because I say it all in the first two minutes of the video! Video Blogging is fun! I have some catching up to do now that I finally have a good camera to record with. I got a new Sony MV-1 audio recording HD camera, love it. This was the first time using it. I'd love your thoughts!
See you next Monday or sooner for more bloggin'!
Stay warm and cozy

My first ever video music blog!  

OK, so it's certainly not perfect.....but that's kind of what I'm going for. Embracing the imperfect, the real, the raw, the stripped down, the way it truly is. I am celebrating transparency! The girls went to bed early and I played and sang for the first time in way too long. It felt really great! Here's what I'm working on. I'd really love your feedback!
Hannah Williams Music - Choose Love - Video Music Blog #1

Hannah Williams' Video Music Blog coming soon! 

I'm uploading, as we speak, my very first video music blog! It had been a goal of mine to record a song a week in my home studio and put it out there in the cyber universe. In this first one, I didn't even use a mic, I just sang and played acoustic guitar unplugged into my computer mic. I am singing a song I've been working on called "Choose Love.' I wrote it one night after snuggling with Emalina. I felt so peacful and happy lying there next her and I wondered how I could memorize that feeling. 
I also was thinking of what our dear friend Jeff Doucette said as he officiated our wedding... he said "whenever you have a decision to make, always go with the one that resonates with love." That always stuck with me. While I can be human and flawed and forget that great advice sometimes, I also remember it often. 
I hope this song captures a little of that! Stay tuned, I'll send out the link as soon as it's up!

Birthed an record, birthed a BABY! 


On April 10th, 2013 Damon and I welcomed Paisley Jade Williams into our family! We had such a busy past two years creating the record "Bare Bones" that we got busy right afterwards creating a radiant person! We are a little un-conventional like that...Now all we need is a big tour bus and we can hit the road family style! : )


Hopefully that dream will come true someday......

While we dream about the family band excursion, we celebrated our one year record release anniversary yesterday! We want to celebrate by giving a FREE download of our entire album! YEP! You heard me right! After all the blood, sweat and tears we poured into the record (and having a baby...) we didn't have a chance to promote it, to GIG, to TOUR! So here's our way of getting this music HEARD! The producers and musicians all did such an amazing job and the master Kennie Takahashi mixed it and gave our down home sound a modern feel.

Please spread the word and help us "Share the Love!" (That's an album track http://bandzoogle.com/common/FCKEditor/editor/images/smiley/msn/regular_smile.gif )

All that's needed to get your free download is to sign up for the mailing list. If you're already on the list and don't have a copy (shame on you!!!) No just kidding...sort of.... no really, let me know and I will personally send you a link. I want you to have it, play it, learn all the words and sing it out load while you drive and take a shower!

I am always in awe of your continued love and support. Thank you!!!

~ Love and smiles,

First live performance on the news!! 

Today was a real "divine intervantion" kind of a day! I don't even know where to begin. Sometimes when I state my desires to the universe, and the desires are pure, meaning for the highest good in myself and the greater whole, they are handed to me! I'll start with today and work my way backwards. I always have trails of thoughts that connect the dots to the present moment. It amazes me how it all unfolds so perfectly!

Today I got to perform live for my first time ever on KXAN Austin news. It was so much fun, so exhilarating and rewarding! 
I got there at 11:00, set up and sound checked then met my dear friend/ backing vocalist for lunch while we waited for my slot time.
We got back to the station at 12:15 and I stood in my spot and waited for my cue! Robert Maxwell was the News Anchor and he really did his "homework" on me! He had seen my yogawebsite as well as my music website and asked if we could talk about the creative process and how yoga has helped! I was so flooered, that way above and beyond and EVERYTHING that I would've hoped for!

Stepping back now....what I've really been working towards, what I really want is to share my truth with others, through music. But I want the reason why I dod what I do to be the first thing people read or hear about me. I've been re-working my bio over and over to try and find the right words to express this in a way that feels authentic. Still working on it, but wow, to be able to share that on the NEWS....LIVE....was exactly what I wanted! I got to talk about what's really important to me and how yoga has helped shape me as an artist. WOW.

Another RAD thing about all this, is I've been really wanting to play some solo shows again. I LOVE LOVE LOVE playing with a band, but there's nothing like getting out there and baring your soul in an intimate setting. Your words are heard. It's just simple and so cozy. Well, out of the blue, Damon (my husband and guitar player) had to leave town for business for about 5 1/2 weeks total. That means no shows until end of August and we just released a record I want to support! So, I started sending out emails to book some solo shows. And yesterday I get a call to perform live on KXAN, the band is unavailable, so I got to do my solo thing! AND I got a great recording of it! 

It's been quite a day and it's only 3:30! I'm going to my favorite yoga class at 4:30, I haven't been able to go in MONTHS, so I'm really excited about that. Then Lara and I are going to Antone's to honor our dear friend Georgia's dad, Doyle Bramhall who passed away about 6 months ago. Her brother, Doyle Bramhall ll, who we love will be playing as well as Marcia Ball and many other greats. We're in for a treat the rest of the days as well!

Here's a pic of me getting ready to be on the air. You can watch the video here!

Hope you are all having as great a day as I am!

We're on the "Texas" wall at Waterloo Records! 

 Yesterday my fabulous friend and backing vocalist for the "Hannah Williams" band, Lara, helped me hit the streets and posts flyers all over the place. We also went in to Waterloo Records to bring in some CD's and we got to talking to the very nice manger who agreed to put us up on the "Texas Artsits" wall! If we hadn't had met him, we would've just gotten flied under the "W's" where no one would ever seen the CD unless they were specifically looking for it. He said as long as we can sell them he'll keep us there! So to all our Austin fans, please buy our CD at Waterloo! : ) We'd lovet o stay on that wall, especially through ACL when it gets super busy in there with people from all over the world coming through.

Another awesome part about it all is that we are just below the new Norah Jones record and we share the same mixer! Kennie Takahashi's name is credited right on her album cover and on the back of ours. Very cool coincidence indeed. 

You know, the saying really is true that the "process is the best part not the destination!" This journey is so exciting! Just to see our CD on the shelf at Waterloo Records was enough to get me totally high on life for at least a week!! : )

Almost there! Digital distribution, here we come!! 

 I'm uploading all content to CD Baby as we speak. They handle all the digital distribution; iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Spotiffy, etc. Over 2,500 sites.
I'm getting really excited! I can't believe this is actually finally happening!

My goal is to sell AT LEAST 5,000 albums. That would be incredible. We'd be able to pay ourselves back, make money to start the next project and pay for our fabulous musicians and supporting this record with some road time. More than 5,000 copies and we may actually beging to MAKE money! A dream come true would be to able to support ourselves financially making music! (Although I LOVE my job as a yoga teacher and will never give that up!)

When I'm 80 years old I still want to be singing and teaching yoga : )

Now, who wants to join our street team and help us get these babies SOLD?! We would be forever grateful and indebted to you! Think about it while you dream tonight.

NIghty night...


It's out of our hands! 

 Got all the artwork sent off to Disc Maker today and that was the final thing for us to do (well.....for cd pressing anyway....) My to-do list keeps getting longer and longer. Each time I check something off, I add something new. I could literally spend 40 hrs a week on this job. But I'm also teaching yoga (picked up 4 new classes that started this week, 3 of them being totally new for me, so require a lot of prep work), taking care of our house (the best I can) and being the best mom I can be to Emalina. And the result? I'm going a little coo coo!! I completely forgot what day it was the other day, even though I had actually thought about the day and date several times, then I got in our Moon Records credit card in the mail, put it in my wallet, took out my Moon Records debit card and CUT IT into teeny tiny little bits. (like a did with the temporary card) I was cutting really well, gettin' it! Then it hits me, "what am I doing? this was not a temporary visa card, this is my debit card!" Whew! I actually called myself an idiot. I have been so careful and considerate of the words I use since I was around 18 and heard about "The Power of the Spoken Word" and read "A Return To Love" by Marianne Williamson. But I was pissed!

I had to teach class right after that and I, of coarse, told them the whole story. Without a doubt, the theme for our class had to be about  loving ourseves..... : )

Back to music, the artwork looks incredible! Jeff Harris, our Art director, and a really great friend of Damon's did an AMAZING job. It's just a 4 panel digi-pack but we were able to fit it all in beautifully! I can't wait to show it off!

I'm also getting excited thinking about what other songs to play at our record release. We're probably only adding 4 more on top of the album songs. Wondering about covers too. I think I'll keep those a surprise....

Been working like crazy on the bio, too. I posted the long version in the About section. Now I just need to condense it somehow for press....not sure everyone wants to read my whole life story before they even know me : )

We also got our Pay Pal account all set up, I got my swiper for my iphone and I'm ready to start taking payments, woo hoo!!! I charged a dollar to myself just to see how it would work and it was so cool! You sign your name with your finger on the screen! Technology is really incredible for the indie artsit. We have so much more power in our own hands!

Ok, I'm going to slip on my mom/ wife suit now, switch out the laundry and start dinner. Music hat back on at 8. Actually we may take the night off and watch a movie. Not sure I could sit still, but I think I need to try. I should take my own advice and give myself a break!!!

Much love,

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