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“All that matters when the sun goes down is that you did your best, you gave your individuality your passion takes care of the rest” -Hannah Williams “Win or Lose”



Hannah Williams is a music makin’ yoga teachin’ mamasita. Whether it be through her lyrics, teaching, running The Moon Records or raising her two daughters, Hannah is all about spreading love, joy and empowerment. A songwriter for two decades, her “silver lining” style songs go back to her teen years. Her mom gave her Marianne Williamson’s book, Return To Love and The Artists Way by Julia Cameron shortly thereafter. That coupled with a deep love of Bob Marley, Edie Brickell and many others who spread positivity, set her on the path of where she is today-living life to her highest potential and making each day an intentional positive contribution to the world. 


Her voice can sound low and smoky, quiet and clean or belt out a bluesy wail much like her songstress heroines Bonnie Raitt, Ella Fitzgerald, Janis Joplin, Edie Brickell and Etta James. When it comes to performing, Hannah is less about vocal playfulness and more about raw emotion. “The delivery is more important than trying to sound perfect. However the song feels in the moment is how it comes out.”


Throughout 2014 to present day she has been writing a song a week with the help of a songwriting group’s weekly prompts or themes. She is picking her favorite songs for her next album and still plans on recording all of her children’s songs. In the beginning of 2015, Hannah wrote and released a song called “Never Give Up” for the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation. She put together a benefit in the fall of 2014 and all the proceeds from the show and from the download of the single are being donated to help raise awareness towards SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy.)


In June of 2012, Hannah Williams’ long awaited debut solo record, “Bare Bones” hit the market. The funky, soulful, rock-n-roll album was a musical journey wrapping up some of her favorite songs over an eight year span of her life, from LA to Austin. Her songs are filled with honesty, optimism, reflection and gratitude for all facets of life, truly summing up where her heart is and how she chooses to express it musically. 


The stars aligned when the team for Bare Bones came together. Producers Damon Williams and Jacob Gonzales helped to re-focus some of her tunes allowing them to breathe a life all their own. Musicians Matt Danko and Michael Davids and Damon played their hearts out and set the stage for all the guest musicians to come in and shine. Then, grammy award winning mixer and dear friend, Kennie Takahashi (Norah Jones, Black Keys, Gnarles Barkley), put the icing on the cake with his signature modern-edge sound. “Kennie helped each one of us think outside the box. Everyone involved helped to shape the songs in ways I couldn't have imagined.”


Hannah was raised by an artistic family in Los Angeles. She was performing the moment she entered the world. The neighbors used to say “Wow, that baby’s got a set of lungs on her!” She began voice lessons at twelve, writing songs and playing guitar at sixteen. At twenty-three she began music school in Hollywood to hone her craft of guitar, songwriting and vocal performance. A year later she graduated with honors and 22 new songs. She hustled the music scene in LA for several years and fronted an all-girl blues-rock band, Auburn Court. They gained a supportive and established management team, released an EP, gained endorsements by Daisy Rock Guitars, Get’m Get’m Guitar Straps and Dunlop Picks. They played many exciting shows and venues including NAMM, The Orange Blossom Festival in Riverside winning the Battle of The Bands in Lancaster and the most popular venues in LA. 


Hannah and her husband Damon made Austin their home in 2005 to embrace the rich music scene. Both playing many gigs all over town her most memorable “Austin” experiences so far included getting to jam with legendary Pinetop Perkins and Gary Clark Jr. when they each sat in for a song during one of her shows with a blues band. 


Hannah’s songs say it all, she lives her dreams by doing what she loves and hope the same for her listeners.

Hannah Williams Band - Bare Bones CD (FREE SHIPPING)
  • Hannah Williams Band - Bare Bones CD (FREE SHIPPING)

Hannah Williams Band - Bare Bones CD (FREE SHIPPING)

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On June 9th, 2012 Hannah Williams released her long awaited record “Bare Bones.”  It’s funky, soulful rock-n-roll laced with poppy hooks and a huge dose of heart.

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