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I have to tell you guys the funniest you know I've been in this songwriter's group and our mission has been to write a new song with music and submit it by midnight on Sunday every week. We are giving a "song prompt" each Monday, a word or group of words that have to be used in the order they are given in the song. So last week, the song prompt was "return to winter." I had a really hard time with it. I thought, "what? But spring has just started! I am not feeling a 'return to winter' at ALL." I was super busy with family in town and a show with Meagan Tubb last Sunday and finally Sunday night I sat down to write the song and get it submitted or I'd be kicked out of the group....

So....after I submit it, I see a bunch of other "last minute folks" getting theirs sent in. And what do we wake up to Monday morning? WINTER!
It was freezing! It had been 80 on Sunday.....I'm convinced that all of us who were writing songs about "return to winter" summoned winter back!  Isn't that funny? Power of the spoken word I tell you!! 
By the way, would you like to hear ALL of the new songs I've written? Let me know and I'll get them sent over to you!

In the meantime, here are some shows I've got coming up....

This Saturday I will be performing  A LOT of new material with my fabulous hubby, Damon Williams on electric guitar while I pluck my acoustic. We are playing at Twisted X Brewery in Dripping Spring from 2-4:00. It's a family friendly place. We don't play very loud since it's a tasting room, and it will be quite a lovely time and chance to hear a bunch of new songs in their baby raw form!

Meagan Tubb and I have a couple more shows coming up there at Twisted X Brewery. We're just finalizing the dates. We swap songs and harmonize on each others stuff, it's really fun.

I'll be planning some Austin shows too, I promise! 

I'm also interested in doing house concerts, so if you would like me to perform at your place let me know! 

I am planning a fundraiser/ benefit show some time this summer for The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation. The funds go towards research for Spinal Muscular Atrophy, the #1 killer in infants. My friend from high school's, daughter has it and I'm feeling a strong urge to DO something to help. If you have any experience with fundraisers/ benefit shows and you'd like to share, please reach out, I'd love any tips I can get! If your band or someone you know would like to perform at the show, please let me know as well since I'm starting to put the feelers out there for the music we will have.

Video Blog
I've been having so much fun with my video blog. I try to record something every week but it doesn't always happen. I have 16 new songs this year and have only done about 6 or 7 live videos of them. But there are a couple new ones I'm excited about I'd love for you to hear! Check them out on my YouTube page. I still need to edit the video footage of our benefit for cancer two weeks ago! I promise to have that up soon. Please subscribe to my you tube channel so you can be notified every time a new video posts!

As always I really appreciate your help in sharing my music. As a DIY artist, we really rely on word of mouth, so thank you!!!

Oh! One more thing, stay tuned for an ONLINE concert! I am planning one very soon but wanted your feedback first....Would you rather see a concert with the full band or with me solo? Or Me and Damon of coarse! Let me know! : )

Enjoy your Easter and I hope to see you very soon!