We're on the "Texas" wall at Waterloo Records!

 Yesterday my fabulous friend and backing vocalist for the "Hannah Williams" band, Lara, helped me hit the streets and posts flyers all over the place. We also went in to Waterloo Records to bring in some CD's and we got to talking to the very nice manger who agreed to put us up on the "Texas Artsits" wall! If we hadn't had met him, we would've just gotten flied under the "W's" where no one would ever seen the CD unless they were specifically looking for it. He said as long as we can sell them he'll keep us there! So to all our Austin fans, please buy our CD at Waterloo! : ) We'd lovet o stay on that wall, especially through ACL when it gets super busy in there with people from all over the world coming through.

Another awesome part about it all is that we are just below the new Norah Jones record and we share the same mixer! Kennie Takahashi's name is credited right on her album cover and on the back of ours. Very cool coincidence indeed. 

You know, the saying really is true that the "process is the best part not the destination!" This journey is so exciting! Just to see our CD on the shelf at Waterloo Records was enough to get me totally high on life for at least a week!! : )