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Video Blog #3 - List of Reasons 

Happy Monday! 
No need to write much because I say it all in the first two minutes of the video! Video Blogging is fun! I have some catching up to do now that I finally have a good camera to record with. I got a new Sony MV-1 audio recording HD camera, love it. This was the first time using it. I'd love your thoughts!
See you next Monday or sooner for more bloggin'!
Stay warm and cozy

My first ever video music blog!  

OK, so it's certainly not perfect.....but that's kind of what I'm going for. Embracing the imperfect, the real, the raw, the stripped down, the way it truly is. I am celebrating transparency! The girls went to bed early and I played and sang for the first time in way too long. It felt really great! Here's what I'm working on. I'd really love your feedback!
Hannah Williams Music - Choose Love - Video Music Blog #1