First live performance on the news!!

Today was a real "divine intervantion" kind of a day! I don't even know where to begin. Sometimes when I state my desires to the universe, and the desires are pure, meaning for the highest good in myself and the greater whole, they are handed to me! I'll start with today and work my way backwards. I always have trails of thoughts that connect the dots to the present moment. It amazes me how it all unfolds so perfectly!

Today I got to perform live for my first time ever on KXAN Austin news. It was so much fun, so exhilarating and rewarding! 
I got there at 11:00, set up and sound checked then met my dear friend/ backing vocalist for lunch while we waited for my slot time.
We got back to the station at 12:15 and I stood in my spot and waited for my cue! Robert Maxwell was the News Anchor and he really did his "homework" on me! He had seen my yogawebsite as well as my music website and asked if we could talk about the creative process and how yoga has helped! I was so flooered, that way above and beyond and EVERYTHING that I would've hoped for!

Stepping back now....what I've really been working towards, what I really want is to share my truth with others, through music. But I want the reason why I dod what I do to be the first thing people read or hear about me. I've been re-working my bio over and over to try and find the right words to express this in a way that feels authentic. Still working on it, but wow, to be able to share that on the NEWS....LIVE....was exactly what I wanted! I got to talk about what's really important to me and how yoga has helped shape me as an artist. WOW.

Another RAD thing about all this, is I've been really wanting to play some solo shows again. I LOVE LOVE LOVE playing with a band, but there's nothing like getting out there and baring your soul in an intimate setting. Your words are heard. It's just simple and so cozy. Well, out of the blue, Damon (my husband and guitar player) had to leave town for business for about 5 1/2 weeks total. That means no shows until end of August and we just released a record I want to support! So, I started sending out emails to book some solo shows. And yesterday I get a call to perform live on KXAN, the band is unavailable, so I got to do my solo thing! AND I got a great recording of it! 

It's been quite a day and it's only 3:30! I'm going to my favorite yoga class at 4:30, I haven't been able to go in MONTHS, so I'm really excited about that. Then Lara and I are going to Antone's to honor our dear friend Georgia's dad, Doyle Bramhall who passed away about 6 months ago. Her brother, Doyle Bramhall ll, who we love will be playing as well as Marcia Ball and many other greats. We're in for a treat the rest of the days as well!

Here's a pic of me getting ready to be on the air. You can watch the video here!

Hope you are all having as great a day as I am!

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