It's out of our hands!

 Got all the artwork sent off to Disc Maker today and that was the final thing for us to do (well.....for cd pressing anyway....) My to-do list keeps getting longer and longer. Each time I check something off, I add something new. I could literally spend 40 hrs a week on this job. But I'm also teaching yoga (picked up 4 new classes that started this week, 3 of them being totally new for me, so require a lot of prep work), taking care of our house (the best I can) and being the best mom I can be to Emalina. And the result? I'm going a little coo coo!! I completely forgot what day it was the other day, even though I had actually thought about the day and date several times, then I got in our Moon Records credit card in the mail, put it in my wallet, took out my Moon Records debit card and CUT IT into teeny tiny little bits. (like a did with the temporary card) I was cutting really well, gettin' it! Then it hits me, "what am I doing? this was not a temporary visa card, this is my debit card!" Whew! I actually called myself an idiot. I have been so careful and considerate of the words I use since I was around 18 and heard about "The Power of the Spoken Word" and read "A Return To Love" by Marianne Williamson. But I was pissed!

I had to teach class right after that and I, of coarse, told them the whole story. Without a doubt, the theme for our class had to be about  loving ourseves..... : )

Back to music, the artwork looks incredible! Jeff Harris, our Art director, and a really great friend of Damon's did an AMAZING job. It's just a 4 panel digi-pack but we were able to fit it all in beautifully! I can't wait to show it off!

I'm also getting excited thinking about what other songs to play at our record release. We're probably only adding 4 more on top of the album songs. Wondering about covers too. I think I'll keep those a surprise....

Been working like crazy on the bio, too. I posted the long version in the About section. Now I just need to condense it somehow for press....not sure everyone wants to read my whole life story before they even know me : )

We also got our Pay Pal account all set up, I got my swiper for my iphone and I'm ready to start taking payments, woo hoo!!! I charged a dollar to myself just to see how it would work and it was so cool! You sign your name with your finger on the screen! Technology is really incredible for the indie artsit. We have so much more power in our own hands!

Ok, I'm going to slip on my mom/ wife suit now, switch out the laundry and start dinner. Music hat back on at 8. Actually we may take the night off and watch a movie. Not sure I could sit still, but I think I need to try. I should take my own advice and give myself a break!!!

Much love,