Hannah Williams' Video Music Blog coming soon!

I'm uploading, as we speak, my very first video music blog! It had been a goal of mine to record a song a week in my home studio and put it out there in the cyber universe. In this first one, I didn't even use a mic, I just sang and played acoustic guitar unplugged into my computer mic. I am singing a song I've been working on called "Choose Love.' I wrote it one night after snuggling with Emalina. I felt so peacful and happy lying there next her and I wondered how I could memorize that feeling. 
I also was thinking of what our dear friend Jeff Doucette said as he officiated our wedding... he said "whenever you have a decision to make, always go with the one that resonates with love." That always stuck with me. While I can be human and flawed and forget that great advice sometimes, I also remember it often. 
I hope this song captures a little of that! Stay tuned, I'll send out the link as soon as it's up!